Crackbell Records boasts an exciting and diverse calibre of recording musicians across a number of genres, further contributing to the label’s ethos in keeping its music catalogue fresh, multifaceted and genre-expanding. The label's vision is about aesthetics captured in the right musical environment in order to create the most unique real-time compositions. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, it currently focuses and supports genres relating to jazz, instrumental, classical, orchestral, and the experimental.

Artistic Director, Percussionist, Producer
Phil Collings
Tel: +61414908562
info [@]

Co-Artistic Director & Pianist
Colin Hopkins

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"Our music is inspired by aesthetics, the immediate environment, and the surrounding narratives that encapsulate our world and their resulting motion. It is improvisation and composition inspired by texture; the interaction of the made between the infinite and the natural; the colours of the sky; the binary landscapes of the day and of the night."